Arri Alexa XT Plus


The ALEXA XT Plus is the first major step in the evolution of the Alexa camera family. Offering a Super 35 sensor with a switchable Open Gate*, 4:3 and 16:9 active sensor mode. The new XR Module (Xtended Recording), co-developed by Codex, makes it possible to record ARRIRAW in-camera onto XR Capture Drives. Through an adapter you’re still able to record ProRes or DNxHD to more economical Sony SxS Pro Media Cards.

  •  In-camera ARRIRAW recording up to 120fps onto XR Capture Drives.
  • Faster and longer ProRes/DNxHD recording.
  • Open Gate* sensor mode to capture the largest available sensor area.
  • Capture true anamorphic, thanks to the tall 4:3 sensor mode.

Read more at ARRI’s website.